6th May 2020

When I started this blog over two years ago because my head had become so crowded with frustrations about the wide acceptance of norms that cause me angst that I needed somewhere to air and develop thoughts and get them out of my head.

I quickly discovered that I’m not a journalist and I’m not a writer but, worse than that, no sooner had I finished getting something published (after much deliberation and rewriting several times) than the thought had been replaced with another. Sometimes, more than one other thought.

I also tried developing an idea I had for software that could help with the process of developing thoughts and ideas. That got a bit further than this blog but met a similar and very familiar end when it became one of my many projects that lost momentum.

Last year (2019) a disease called COVID-19 started spreading from China. From the days it was first being reported the coverage was piquing my sensibilities. As the global pandemic developed and the UK government fell in line with many other nations passing emergency legislation to effectively lock down the country, my frustrations went into overdrive.

Mindfulness (or whatever else you prefer to call it) has helped me to manage my racing thoughts and resulting frustrations. The fact I am writing here again indicates just how severely this situation has affected me.


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